Can We Keep This Promise to Our Children?

BY ON March 31, 2016

Mother holding baby in a field at sunset

Climate change keeps me up at night. (Tweet this)

Corporate polluters, led and funded by the Koch Brothers, are in a full-on assault on our right to clean air. They want to keep spewing the climate pollution that is warming our world.

Here’s where we are this week: 

  • An epic battle is quietly playing out in the DC circuit court. Briefs were just filed on the most important environmental lawsuit of our lifetimes—a case that some states have brought to tear down America’s Clean Power Plan—the plan to cut the power plant pollution that is dangerously disrupting our climate.
  • Polluters are fighting at the state level to stop solar energy. Solar customers in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and elsewhere are now being punished with new, high fees for using solar energy. Meanwhile, taxpayers—you and I—are subsidizing the oil and gas industry to the tune of billions of dollars a year! This is not fair.
  • Leading presidential candidates are denying climate science—and worse, trying to halt all action to end the climate pollution that is warming our world.
  • A group of prominent state Attorneys General this week joined New York in an investigation of whether Exxon Mobil knowingly misled investors and the public for decades about the grave threat of climate change. The AGs are trying to determine if the world’s largest oil company committed fraud by lying in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence.

But Moms will not be silent. We know climate change is not going to end, magically.

And there’s too much at stake.

Do we really want to live in a world where young women are told: “Don’t Get Pregnant!” because of terrible new diseases—diseases we have never before seen in the US—diseases that are thriving in our warmer, wetter climate?

Moms, as lawyers, will be in court, defending America’s Clean Power Plan. Moms, as citizens, will be at the statehouses, defending our right to clean, affordable energy. Moms, as doctors and nurses, will be in hospitals, treating victims of Zika—and asthma, and Lyme, and all the other diseases that are skyrocketing as our world warms. Moms —all mothers, and fathers, who love their children—are on the frontline in every aspect of this battle.

Right now, we just want you to know that your voices matter, that your actions make a huge difference. That, overwhelming as climate change is, we must continue to chip away at the problem, no matter how rich, and how morally bankrupt, the polluters are.

Moms have to prove that love is stronger than pollution. We have our eyes on the promise of a sustainable future, the promise of clean energy jobs, the promise of a safer climate.

With every birth, we make a promise—the promise to keep a child loved, safe and secure.

Let’s fight to make sure we can keep that promise.


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