Actress Julianne Moore Asks Washington For A Plan To Fight Climate Change (New Video!)

BY ON October 17, 2012

Julianne Moore

The climate of our children’s future is warming. More hot days ripen the effects of harmful air pollution. During President Obama’s acceptance speech, he acknowledged the importance of protecting our children from “…the destructive power of a warming planet.” 

As parents, we cannot help but wonder what the world will be like for our children. Along with the pivotal political wake-up call that global warming is one of the most important problems of our times, parents need a responsible plan from our politicians to combat climate change. We need a plan that focuses on clean energy that will protect our children from harmful air pollution–mercury, soot, and toxins.

We trust scientists to guide and inform us about global warming and we look to celebrities to entertain us. Like the scientist that enlightens us with sound science and tells us: “The wait and see approach to the climate crisis will be too late,” celebrities can illuminate and help amplify this message. Emmy-winning actress, mom and Moms Clean Air Force member, Julianne Moore lights up a movie screen. And as we saw with Julianne’s last MCAF video, when she steps off the stage and into her daily role as a mom, her heartfelt advocacy has far-reaching effects.

“Too many politicians are only adding more hot air to the climate conversation. We need to know exactly where the candidates stand on clean air for our children…We want a plan for a clean energy future…an end to global warming…Moms know about sustainable energy. After all, mother love is an unending supply and it keeps kids healthy.” ~ Actress and mom, Julianne Moore

Please watch and share Julianne Moore’s new video and help us fight dirty air to protect our children’s freedom to breathe healthy air and move towards a clean air future.

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