Gina McCarthy On Clean Air For Her Children And Ours

BY ON August 8, 2013

gina mccarthy

We are incredibly lucky that Gina McCarthy was recently confirmed as the head of the EPA. But we are also privileged that a woman of her caliber, integrity and strength would make it her life’s work to protect our air. I want to use this letter to introduce you to her, in a personal way. We’ll be hearing a great deal about Administrator McCarthy’s work over the next year.

Only a few short years ago, I couldn’t have told you the name of the EPA Administrator — or even why her job was important. Like most of us, I just assumed that no one in their right mind would fight for the right to pollute our air, so that all the EPA had to do was enforce those good laws that came about way back in the 1970s. That’s when the Clean Air Act was passed, and the EPA was created — under President Richard Nixon, with bipartisan support.

Please take a moment to read Gina McCarthy’s post on what inspires her to go to her very difficult job each and every day: her three children.

Gina McCarthy will be leading the charge against the excessive carbon emissions that amplify global warming. This is the single most urgent issue facing humankind. It is enormous in scale, and nearly unimaginable in duration–global warming is changing our climate in ways that will affect us thousands of years. We’re already seeing global warming’s affect on the searing drought in the nation’s breadbasket, in the raging Western wildfires bigger and faster than any ever recorded, and in the super storms flashing across the country.

It is not too late to slow the pace of climate change. We have the power to support the scientists and engineers and politicians who know exactly what must be done: cut greenhouse gas emissions. And lead the world in building a vibrant new energy economy that doesn’t foul the air we breathe–and harm our children’s health. You can read an important speech Administrator McCarthy gave at Harvard Law School on this very topic.

My two sons keep me going. But even if I weren’t a mom–my love of this incredibly gorgeous miracle of a planet we live on would give me the same charge.

So fight with your moms — about something important.

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