Formaldehyde In Your Shirt?

BY ON March 6, 2015


Formaldehyde is classified as a “known carcinogen.” But that doesn’t make it illegal to use. Formaldehyde is in all kinds of products we take into our homes, from the no-iron coating of threads in our clothes to the glues holding wood together in our floors to the shampoos we slather in our hair.

We’re exposed to toxic chemicals every day — and day after day. Even if the exposure is tiny, it accumulates over time. Our babies and our teenagers, whose brains and bodies are still developing, are exposed to carcinogens, to endocrine disrupters, and to asthma triggers. Every. Single. Day.

That’s because the chemical industry operates under a weak chemical safety law that has not been changed in over 40 years.

Right now, Senators are discussing how to reform that law. We applaud a bipartisan effort. But we need to know that any new law improves public health protections, closes loopholes that favor industry over health, and keeps toxic chemicals out of our homes.

Let’s get this job done, so that yet another generation of children isn’t exposed to dangerous chemicals.

I’m tired of being a walking guinea pig. Tired of wondering why so many of my friends have breast cancer. Tired of wondering why it is up to me — as a consumer — to protect myself by avoiding chemicals, when I can’t even find out what’s in the stuff I buy.

That’s why I am asking my Senators to insist on a bill that truly protects me and my family. One that keeps “known carcinogens” out of our cribs.

Please, write your Senators today. Let them know that it’s time for strong reform.