EPA Enforcement is Declining Across Every U.S. Region

BY ON December 12, 2018

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Trump’s EPA is appalling. It’s retreat from protecting our families from pollution has already launched a process to sabotage and ultimately destroy our Mercury and Air Toxics Standards. These are protections that keep mercury, a terrible poison, from harming our babies’ brains. Under the leadership of Andrew Wheeler, the EPA has set a radical agenda to destroy our protections that keep us safe.

A new report, A Sheep in the Closet: The Erosion of Enforcement at the EPA by Environmental Data and Governance Initiative examined environmental enforcement at the EPA nearly two years into the Trump administration. Based on extensive interviewing with EPA employees and recent retirees, as well as in-depth research into EPA data and documents and news coverage, the report  found that the EPA is no longer so capable of fulfilling its mission to ensure competent enforcement of federal environmental laws. In place of that “gorilla in the closet” role characterized by its first administrator, William Ruckelshaus, it has become more of a sheep in the closet. Thus, the title of the report.

Not only is this a terrifying development because of what it means for our health. It also shows that Trump’s EPA will stop at nothing to protect polluter profits. This report ensures significant deterioration of our nation’s public health and environment for years to come.

PLEASE READ this in-depth review of the report and sign the petition below that asks what the EPA’s plans are to reestablish itself as a serious enforcer of environmental protections for the land, air, water and people in all regions of the US:

EPA Enforcement is Declining Across All Regions of the Country in Programs Designed to Protect Air, Water, Land and Public Health


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