Clean Air Christmas

BY ON December 21, 2011

Mother giving child box of clean air for Christmas cartoon

Since it’s the time of year when people give each other gifts to celebrate various holidays, I thought I would draw a cartoon along that theme. What I notice, as many do, is that this time of year also gets hectic and materialistic. Many of us buy a lot of stuff. And while that may be good for the economy, it’s not necessarily good for our spirit. Some people give donations to causes in the name of a loved one, and it got me to thinking about this cartoon scenario. What if an overzealous MOMS CLEAN AIR FORCE member gave her daughter the gift of clean air?  I imagine the little girl might be a little miffed, a little confused by her mother’s gift of clean air. She may throw a tantrum, but when the dust settles, perhaps her mother’s passion for the clean air cause will make an impression on her.


Cartoon: Liza Donnelly for Moms Clean Air Force

TOPICS: Motherhood, Pollution