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Kerry Trueman

Kerry Trueman is a climate change activist/writer/speaker who advocates low-impact living, healthy eating, sustainable agriculture and related topics in a lively, non-wonky way. Dubbed “the Frank Rich of the good food movement” by Civil Eats editor Paula Crossfield, she has been a regular contributor to the Huffington Post since 2007. She also writes for AlterNet, Grist, and Civil Eats. Trueman wrote the chapter on how to eat ecologically for Rodale’s Whole Green Catalog. She is co-founder of Eating Liberally and a national leader of Living Liberally, the powerhouse netroots social network which includes Drinking Liberally, Laughing Liberally, Screening Liberally, et al. Trueman has also been a consultant to the Meatless Monday Campaign and serves on Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer’s food policy steering committee. She appears in the documentary No Impact Man and has been a guest on WNYC’s Leonard Lopate show.


Will Trump Bet Big on Bunk?

BY ON December 5, 2016
If Donald Trump’s word means anything, he’ll have to let the Standing Rock decision stand. After all, didn’t he just tell the New York Times that “Crystal clean water is vitally important?” Oh, but he also assured the folks at the New York Times that...

TOPICS: Climate Change, Politics

Vote With Your Throat

BY ON November 3, 2016
How do you define American values? This ghastly election season has shaken our faith that we all share a set of core beliefs, regardless of where we live, what we look like, how we worship (or don’t), or who we love. Our democracy has weathered...

TOPICS: Politics

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