Author: Jackie Semmens

Jackie SemmensJackie Semmens is a mother and freelance writer raising two young boys in beautiful Helena, MT. She has a master’s degree in Medical Anthropology and a Certificate in Public Health. The health impacts of climate change, especially for the most vulnerable, are a primary concern for her. Jackie has worked for a Montana-based think tank which focuses on public policy issues that impact low- and moderate-income Montanans. Much of Jackie’s writing focuses on the intersection of public policy and parenting. Jackie also runs a branch of a Hike it Baby, a family hiking group that encourages parents and caregivers to get outside with young children. She blogs at An Anchored Hope.

Montana’s Wildfire Smoke Affects Climate and Health

BY ON March 11, 2019
When the smoke from the Rice Ridge Fire cleared two years ago, a team of researchers from University of Montana began tracking the lung health of local residents. Until recently, there had been no research on the effects of wildfire smoke on the general population. The results of the...

TOPICS: Air Pollution, Asthma, Children's Health, Climate Change, Heart Health, Heat and Extreme Weather, Montana, Pollution