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Our atmosphere is getting warmer and our weather is getting more extreme. Although earth’s climate has experienced natural cycles of warming and cooling over millions of years, the global warming of today is caused by human activity and is altering the atmosphere in ways never before seen by human beings.

This has grave public health impacts, and our children will suffer the most.

Rising temperatures, extreme weather, disruptions to the food supply, increases in ground level ozone and particle pollution – these symptoms of our climate chaos contribute to asthma attacks, heart attacks, heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, premature death, emergency room visits, hospital admissions, low birth weight, premature birth, diabetes, pneumonia, and even autism.

That’s why Moms Clean Air Force is fighting to limit the carbon dioxide and methane emissions that contribute to climate change.

One thing to do: Tell the EPA that you care about climate change and support limiting carbon pollution from power plants.

MCAF Speaks Up For Children Across The Country

BY Moms Clean Air Force ON August 6, 2014
The Environmental Protection Agency held a marathon week of public hearings soliciting testimony on the Clean Power Plan. Hundreds of Moms Clean Air Force members rose to the opportunity to speak up for their children. More than a dozen MCAF members delivered official testimony to...

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