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What Is America’s Clean Power Plan?

Climate change is real, and it threatens the health of our children. But right now, there are no limits on the largest single source of human-caused climate pollution – power plants. We think that’s wrong.

To address this glaring pollution loophole, the Obama Administration EPA developed a plan to limit the amount of greenhouse gas pollution that can be emitted by power plants. In October, 2017, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt proposed to withdraw America’s Clean Power Plan, a profoundly irresponsible action that will harm the health of our children.

America’s Clean Power Plan sets up state-specific carbon emissions reduction targets. The plan is flexible, encouraging each state to figure out how to meet its target. The plan gives states the responsibility and freedom to craft an emissions reduction strategy tailored to their needs.

Learn why moms across the country support America’s Clean Power Plan.

Why is America’s Clean Power Plan Important?

America’s Clean Power Plan is significant: it will reduce dangerous greenhouse gas emissions from power plants by 30% below 2005 levels by the year 2030. It’s the biggest single action to fight climate change that our country has ever taken.

America’s Clean Power Plan is being issued under the Clean Air Act, a law that requires EPA to regulate the air pollution that harms human health. The Supreme Court has established that greenhouse gas emissions are harmful to public health, and therefore the EPA is required to set limits on them.

Energy production doesn’t have to use dirty energy. Unfortunately, opponents don’t want you to know that. They don’t want to rein in their emissions. So they oppose America’s Clean Power Plan. They say it’s not legal. They say it costs too much.

But in all their cost calculations, they under-value the health and future welfare of our children. And they underestimate America’s ability to innovate and deploy cost-effective, clean energy solutions. America’s Clean Power Plan will cost much less than the associated health benefits we will gain.

Numerous states, Governors, and power companies have already affirmed they can meet the emission goals of America’s Clean Power Plan. Governors and state officials have lots of power to do the right thing, and craft a power plan that’s truly modern and renewable. We call that a win-win.






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