Simple Things You Can Do To Support Clean Air

BY ON August 24, 2011

 Lamar and Ronnie TylerAs we shared with you last week, Lamar and I just became bloggers for the Moms Clean Air Force (MCAF).  We are new to the environmental movement. Yes, we recycle, we try to save energy, and we have a hybrid (I am proud of that fact), I know that we can do more. And thanks to MCAF we are on a journey to become actively engaged in activities to support clean air and we are bringing you along with us!

Simple Things You Can Do Right Now To Support Clean Air

Change your driving habits: Carpooling, working from home, and keeping your car tuned up are things that you can Do Now to decrease the amount of gasoline that you use and the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) you pump into air. Also, please don’t idle your car. I found a great article about Idling Myths and Facts. Check it out.

Recycle and Buy Recycled Products: It is estimated that 70% of Americans recycle. I was shocked to see the percentage that high. You would be surprised at how many people don’t recycle. I personally know a lot of families that don’t. Recycled products help to save more energy and pollution (than you would if you created those products from virgin materials). Get your kids involved with the recycling? Our 9 year old and 5 year old are in charge of recycling in our home. They are like the recycle police; they are always issuing warnings if I am about to throw away a recyclable material.

Educate Yourself:

  • Did you know that companies and lobbyists are trying to gut the Clean Air Act? Basically they don’t want any regulations on their ability to pollute our air.
  •  Do you even know what the Clean Air Act is? I was aware of it, but never took the time to research it before joining MCAF. Here is a great article explaining the Clean Air Act in plain English.
  •  Do you know why the EPA is so important? Here are Five Reasons.

Take some time learn about environmental issues that are impacting you. And this leads me to the next thing that you can Do Now:

JOIN THE MOMS CLEAN AIR FORCE: As I stated above we are just starting this journey and it can get bit overwhelming. But luckily there are so many sites that will provide you with a wealth of information at your fingertips. Please sign up for the weekly newsletter or the RSS feed from a site such as the MCAF. They will give you updates about actions in Congress, newly released reports about air pollutants and toxicity, events, blog posts and much more. So why don’t you just add at least one site that talks about environmental issues to your list of daily blogs?

Speak up for clean air: Sites like the MCAF will keep you aware of the local events in your area and online events that you can participate in – get active now. Oh don’t worry, we will let President Obama and anybody else that’s coming up for re-election know that we are supporting actions for clean air.

Please add to our list of things we can do now to support clean air. Are you doing any of these things now?

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