10 Simple Ways to Resist Like a Mom

BY ON January 30, 2017

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One day our children will look to us and ask: “Did you do everything you could to leave us a healthy, safe, stable world?” Wondering how to answer this in such uncertain and disconcerting times?

At Moms Clean Air Force, it’s our mission to answer this question every single day. So, if you’re feeling moral outrage, it’s time to rise up and stand up for your children. Here are 10 simple ways to resist like a mom: (Tweet this)

  1. Naptime Activism: We know how hard it is to find a moment for ourselves, much less for the whole world. We also know that sometimes, being a good mom means being an engaged citizen. Naptime Activism means you can do things to make the world better, safer, and cleaner – while your child naps. You can sign a petition to Congress faster than you can change a diaper.
  2. Sign-up: Join a force of over 1,000,000 moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and concerned citizens fighting for clean air and kids’ health.
  3. Pick up the phone: Call your elected officials and let them know the issues you care about and that you’re paying attention to their actions.
  4. Recruit: Are there voices in your community would be interested in climate issues? Reach out to your networks and recruit five friends to join the force.
  5. March: Moms Clean Air Force is an official partner of the People’s Climate Movement. This group is organizing a march in Washington, DC on April 29, 2017. Join us to bring our demands to the streets of Washington — from clean air to clean energy jobs.
  6. Spread the facts: Knowledge is power. Read and download our suite of “Armed With the Facts” sheets and help your community stay informed.
  7. Bring the kids: Join us on the ground in Washington, DC on July 12, 2017 to Play-In for Climate Action. We know that kids can’t sit still, so we’ve ditched the traditional sit-in and are hosting our fourth annual Play-In. We hope to see you there!
  8. Get social: Social media is a powerful tool to amplify your voice and catch the attention of elected officials. Follow Moms Clean Air Force on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to discover content to share. Click here for a list of all Senators’ social media accounts.
  9. Self-care: We are only effective if we’re healthy. Please take time to care for your own needs, physically and mentally. We love these messages of hope.
  10. Donate: We have a tremendous amount of work ahead. Please support our future by making a gift today.

Our climate is not waiting for us to change. But our children are. Our work is more urgent than ever. Remember, never never never give in.


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