Destroying America’s Clean Power Plan Will Hurt the Health of Our Children

BY ON October 10, 2017

Pruitt’s proposal to withdraw America’s Clean Power Plan is profoundly irresponsible—and will harm the health of our children.

EPA chief Scott Pruitt’s intention is clear: ignore the climate disruption that is right now amping up brutal storms and stoking deadly wildfires across the country

Pruitt is not proposing any alternative path to clean power—because he doesn’t “believe” air and climate pollution are a problem in the first place. That means he is flying in the face of accepted science the world over—and he is also ignoring the law of our land. The Supreme Court ruled, in its endangerment finding, that EPA has a legal obligation to clean up greenhouse gas emissions.

Pruitt is unleashing on America his personal plan: destruction. No one voted to Make America Dirty Again. But Pruitt’s personal mission, as he has shown in decades of lawsuits, is to cripple EPA, and to roll back any protections that cost oil and coal barons a penny. Pruitt does not care about the health of other people’s children. He doesn’t care about the hundreds of thousands of asthma attacks and missed school days that dirty air inflicts on our children. He doesn’t care about the pollution that harms the developing fetal brain; he doesn’t care about the pollution that harms the hearts and lungs of the elderly.

Pruitt cares only about polluter profits. He is doing the bidding of the oil and gas and chemical industry executives who have funded his career from the start. That is no way to build a legacy. And it is no way to protect our children.






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