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In a few days will be Mother’s Day and the Moms Clean Air Force blog is encouraging us to write our wishes for our kids. So here I go.

Mes amours Ruby and Maya,

I wish for you to live in the world where individuals take full responsibility for their own happiness. Where they have the courage to face their fears and to listen to their hearts.

I wish for the world to celebrate these individuals for this celebration is the most direct path to World Peace.

I wish for individuals to act upon their inspiration and smile, hold hands, pick up the litter when they feel it. Not because it looks better but because they want to.

I wish for the world to drop the fear that something “bad” could happen. There are no needs for plastic packages when you are not afraid of germs and diseases. There are no needs for expensives doctors and hospitals when real emotions are acknowledged without judgement.

I wish for the world to let anger be felt and out while at the same time having enough respect for each other and not take that ange onto somebody else. We are the only ones responsible for how we feel.

I wish for the world to spend more money and resources on Art and Agriculture than on Wars and Control.

The world never stops moving. So love change as it is the only thing I know will consistently show up in your life. My Faith tells me that behind the change is an intention more loving than anything you have ever known, but then I will let you discover that for yourself.

I love you,

Your Maman.

This post is part of the MCAF Blog Carnival: A Mother’s Day Gift.  We invite you to join the Carnival by writing a letter to your kids about what gift you would give them for Mother’s Day.  Submit your posts to us here.

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