Interview: Senator Joe Donnelly from Indiana

BY ON March 11, 2015

Indiana Senator Joe DonnellyThis is a Moms Clean Air Force exclusive interview with Senator Joe Donnelly from Indiana:

What is unique about protecting Indiana’s resources?

From Lake Michigan to the Ohio River, the hardwood forests to the sand dunes, Indiana has a wealth of different and wonderful natural resources that enhance our communities, drive our economy, and remind us of our fundamental responsibility to be good stewards of the earth.

As a parent are you worried about the effects of climate change on your children and the children of Indiana?

We have a fundamental responsibility to preserve our environment for the well-being and enjoyment of our children and grandchildren. A healthy environment is vital for safe drinking water and breathable air, productive farms and businesses, and hunting, fishing, and recreational opportunities. As a parent and Indiana’s Senator, I believe that climate change is a serious issue, and I am committed to developing smart policies that protect our environment, while also ensuring an economic climate that promotes job creation for the next generation of Hoosiers.

Why is a bipartisan effort so important and how can these efforts be achieved in our politically polarizing culture?

My approach to serving the people of Indiana is simple: I am the hired help, and I work for all Hoosiers. In my first two-plus years serving in the Senate on behalf of Hoosiers, I have worked with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle on various legislative efforts, including those to protect our environment. For example, last month I teamed up with a bipartisan group to permanently reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which takes revenues generated from oil and gas development to support the conservation of natural areas, water resources, and our cultural heritage. I will continue to work on commonsense efforts to protect our environment while increasing economic opportunity for Hoosiers.

Like many Americans, Hoosiers are focused on getting things done and working together. I am optimistic that Congress can follow this example, working together on legislation to make things better for Indiana and our country.

Is there anything you’d like to share that is important for Moms Clean Air Force members to know?

As always, please feel free to contact my office. As I work with my Senate colleagues to address the issues facing our country — including efforts to protect our environment — your input and feedback is invaluable in determining what common sense steps we should take on behalf of Hoosiers. Visit my website www.Donnelly.Senate.Gov to contact me.

Senator Joe Donnelly was elected to the State of Indiana in the U.S. Senate in 2012. Previously, he served the 2nd Congressional District of Indiana in the House of Representatives since 2006. He serves on the Armed Services Committee, Banking Committee, Agriculture Committee, and Aging Committee. Prior to serving in Congress, Joe helped run a small business in Mishawaka. Senator Donnelly and his wife Jill live in north central Indiana and they have two children, Molly and Joe Jr.


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