Calling All Green Parents! The Moms Clean Air Force Needs Your Advice

BY ON May 31, 2011

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We. Need. You.

Calling all green mama and papas. We’re a varied group of bloggers writing for various audiences across the country, writing to support cleaner air for our families.  We are the Moms Clean Air Force.
 Katy Farber
And we need your help. We want to know how to best engage the green parent community and motivate them to fight for cleaner air.
Because we need everyone to save the 17,000 lives the new clean air rules would save in the first year alone. The industry has lobbyists and millions of dollars. Some politicians (supported by polluting corporate interests) want to dismantle the EPA and gut the Clean Air Act, causing more hospital visits, more missed days of work and school, and thousands of preventable deaths.We just can’t let that happen.
What we have, however is simple, and powerful: fierce parental love. We just need to know how to channel it to protect children everywhere from dirty, harmful air.
Please come to our Moms Clean Air Force online chat and share your ideas.

When: Wednesday, June 1, 2011, 2:00-3:00How to participate:
Today: RSVP at the Engage Moms Eventbrite page.
Tomorrow: Go to the Moms Clean Air Force Facebook Page and click “Like.” Click on the smiley face “chat” tab on the left-hand side of the page.  Allow Facebook permissions and you’re in!


The chat will last approximately one hour. We will ask you 4-5 questions, one every seven minutes or so. After you respond, you will have time to read and react to other people’s answers. Any time remaining after the last of our questions will be for free discussion.

The first question will be:

Question 1: What, for YOU, is the most powerful motivation to be involved in this campaign?

We’re working on what other questions to ask participants. If you have suggestions, please email us at In the meantime, please let us know you’ll be participating so you can have all the questions ahead of the chat.

Thank you!

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