Author: Gina Carroll

Gina Carroll‘s blog appears at MomHouston, where she is TorturedbyTeenagers — a familiar feeling to many of us. Her smart, deft post on Five Conversations to Have With Your Teenager Before Spring Break says it all: she dispenses wisdom with compassion. In her career as a writer, she has lived all over the United States, but is now settled in Houston, Texas, with her husband and five children. Her blog is carried by the Houston Chronicle.  

Racism Linked To Asthma In Black Women

BY ON September 16, 2013
For my family of asthma sufferers, the implications of a new study connecting black women to higher incidents of asthma, adds to our already heightened (post-Trayvon Martin) consciousness of racism’s presence. For us, racial hatred, discrimination and disparate treatment, in their blatant and more subtle incarnations, are additional forms...

TOPICS: African-American Community, Allergies, Asthma

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