Ozone, or smog, is caused by pollution from cars, trucks, power plants, and other industrial sources. It damages lungs and triggers asthma attacks, among other health impacts.

You may have heard of “good” ozone high in our atmosphere, which acts as a protective layer against the sun’s radiation. But ozone is a strong respiratory irritant, so at ground levels ozone is harmful to breathe and can negatively affect your health.

Smog levels in the air climb during hot, sunny days, but high smog concentrations have also been measured in winter months in parts of Wyoming and Colorado where there are high emissions of VOCs and NOx associated with oil and gas development. Smog can travel great distances carried by the wind.

Another Win for Clean Air

BY Dominique Browning ON August 4, 2017
Sometimes we need a reminder that what we do works. This week, we got just that. After feeling the pressure from so many families and states—who ask simply for clean air to breathe—Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt withdrew an unlawful delay that would have...

TOPICS: Activism, Air Pollution, EPA, Ozone, Pollution

What Happens in Your Body When You Breathe Dirty Air?

BY Moms Clean Air Force ON August 2, 2017
We often talk about how air pollution harms our health—and how it especially hurts small children; they take more breaths, and their little hearts beat faster. But we didn’t exactly understand HOW the pollution harms us. What actually happens in our bodies? So we produced this...

TOPICS: Air Pollution, Asthma, Cancer, Carbon Pollution, Children's Health, Environment, EPA, Heart Health, Ozone, Pollution, Pregnancy, Soot
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