Don’t Frack The Playground

BY ON January 11, 2013

Fracking cartoon
Fracking is sparking debate across the country. Have you seen the latest movie about a gas company going into a rural small town in Pennsylvania to extract natural gas from shale rock that exists deep below the ground, Promised Land? Scary stuff.

Along with the hundreds of toxic chemicals used in the fracking process that have been known to contaminate the water; the air we breathe can also be adversely affected. Air pollution from the fracking process releases emissions of toxic and smog-forming pollutants. Most notably, benzene — a known carcinogen. This can lead to health problems like asthma, cancer and long-term lung damage in people who live nearby.

I don’t believe anyone should have to trade their family’s health or quality of life for an energy source that could potentially be poisonous. So, without full disclosure from the gas companies about the chemical cocktail used in the fracking process, and strong regulations to protect the health and welfare of citizens, would you let your child play near that gas tower?



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  • Climate Mama

    Thanks! Sadly this is now a reality in too many playgrounds…there is NO rush to frack, lets get the facts on the health implications for us and our children first..

  • Mary

    Thanks for the article, but regulations won’t do the trick of keeping our children and families safe. Many of the chemicals used in the fracking process are exempt from the Clean Water Drinking Act and the Clean Air Act, courtesy of Mr. Dick Cheney and his team while in the White House. The exemption is known as the “Halliburton Exemption.” Many are considered proprietary chemical mixs, so they don’t have to tell us to protect their business rights. Another grave concern is that over 5M gallons of fresh water are used to drill one well, which is a huge drain on our fresh water reserves, which we need to drink and grow our own foods. Concern is that with the prolonged droughts we are experiencing, we will drain our aquifers and plunge ourselves deeper into a water crisis. There is a great new movie out called Last Call at the Oasis that looks deeply at the water crisis and fracking’s role in the scarcity issue. Thanks,

  • CelloMom On Cars

    The argument in favour of fracking for gas has been that natural gas is “cleaner” than coal: it gives fewer carbon emissions per unit of energy extracted. However, IF the gas field leaks (a few in Utah leak 9% of the gas they recover), you have a huge problem because methane has a global warming potential 72 times larger than carbon dioxide. Oops. The gas from that field has a total effective carbon footprint that is 5 times larger than of coal. We must be pretty desperate to frack that field.

    • julie

      good point. also consider the cement well casings will break/crack/erode/ and release methane and other radioactive gas that again are much more harmful to health. Fracking is a dirty dirty business as is the Oil industry that runs it.

  • Angel Adams

    I really do not know when America will finally open their eyes and see that there is no safe way to harvest Fossil Fuels.Any Government or Company that tells you there is is a LIAR. Hemp,Solar, Hydro and so many other clean and safe ways are out there the the use of Fossil Fuels is irresponsible in our country. We need to stand up to big Oil and our Politicians and tell them to block all OIL and gas exploration and protect our Planet and our childrens future.

  • Sienna