Change Is Here. Climate Change.

BY ON July 12, 2012

Baby in front of flag with globe in mouth

DEAR Barack Obama and Mitt Romney—if I may be so familiar, as you are with me in your fundraising emails.

You are campaigning for our nation’s highest office in a year of record-breaking heat waves, droughts, floods, and monster storms. More than half the contiguous U.S. is under drought conditions. In June wildfires destroyed 1.3 million acres across the country. More than 40,000 daily heat records were broken–by July.

Climate scientists tell us that the signals are loud and clear: We are experiencing global warming–NOW. Our climate is changing, more and more rapidly—because of greenhouse gas pollution. We have compromised the thin crust of atmosphere that protects our lives on this planet.

The weather is sending us a clear message: Danger. Danger. Danger.

Sirs: What is your message?

American families are looking to you for leadership on climate change—before it becomes catastrophic climate chaos.

I’m a mom, and like all parents, I want to do everything I can to keep my children out of harm’s way. I assume you feel the same way about your beloved children. What is your plan to talk to Americans about the urgency of climate change, not only for us, but for the world our children—and your children—will inherit?

What is your plan to lead the country into a new era of energy efficiency?  What is your plan to cut the carbon and methane pollution that is contributing so heavily to the atmospheric “blanket” that is trapping heat?

Whether we are Republicans or Democrats or Independents–waiting for more information about our candidates to decide how we vote—we are all in this together. Please, talk to us about global warming.

Give us more than hope. Give us a plan of action.

Change is here. Climate change.

Give us a plan to end greenhouse gas pollution. NOW.

Thank you.


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  • Linda Klein

    Please! Before it is too late!

  • Nancy Powell

    Save the planet for future generations. Pay attention to the climate not politics.

  • Eugene Richardson

    Fight climate change or we all lose!

  • Nina Tatlock

    Jobs wont do anybody any good if we can’t survive from lack of clean air to breath, clean and safe food to eat, or clean and safe water to drink.

  • Virginia Black

    New jobs can be created to fight climate change if you make it a priority. Now is not the time to sit back and wait for congress or local governing bodies to initiate the change needed – be a LEADER the people want to follow.

  • I lived through the hottest summer ever in the US last year, it was pure hell, yet we still have a senator (Sen. Inhofe) that has the worst environmental record. Not sure what will show people that we need to take this seriously. I’m happy to have at least one person to vote for locally that will be good for our environment, Donna Bebo.

  • Maria

    Dear Mitt and Barack,
    Please address this topic in debate. Please.
    An American