How to Call Your Elected Officials

BY ON January 1, 2017

We’re all used to text and email, and often that’s speedy and effective. But sometimes, the sound of a voice makes all the difference. Now is one of those times.

Your members of Congress must hear from you on the issues that matter to you! Click here to obtain your Senators’ contact info or dial 202-224-3121 to be connected directly to either your Senators’ or Representatives’ D.C. office.

Unsure of who your representative is? Find out by entering your zip code HERE.

Having trouble reaching someone in the D.C. office? Senators have a number of in-state offices as well, you can find phone numbers for their district offices HERE.


Let your Senator know who you are and where you’re calling from. Inform them of the issues that matter to you and what actions you expect your leaders to take on these issues. Remember, your elected officials work for you, don’t hesitate to let them know what’s on your mind!


Tell your Senator to protect our air and natural resources. When allowed to pollute our air, natural gas warms our planet and harms our health. Now, Congress is considering rolling back rules that prevent the unchecked release of natural gas into our air. Why? To help the polluters that place profit ahead of our health.

You have the power to sway your leaders. (Tweet this) Tell them you will not stand for actions that harm our families, waste our resources, and pollute our air.

What to tell your Senator:

  • I am calling you to express concern over the review of the Methane BLM rule, in hopes that you will not undo the rule and the protections it offers.
  • Natural gas – while an important resource – also contributes greatly to global warming and has adverse effects on public health.
  • By undoing the rule, you would not only be endangering our health, you would also be allowing for the waste of an important natural resource.
  • I ask that you place the health and wellness of American families – as well as the preservation of our natural resources – ahead of the interests of businesses.


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