Author: Katy Farber

Katy Farber

Katy Farber is a teacher and a writer in Vermont who blogs at Non-Toxic Kids. She covers the environment, parenting, green living and education. She is also the mother of “two spirited little girls.” Last year, as she wrote recently, she participated in Vermont’s first “body burden study” and learned that she had a high rate of Deca contamination — a toxic flame retardant chemical used in electronics, fabrics, and mattresses. Naturally, her thoughts immediately went to how she could protect her children from exposure, and she shares her findings in her post. Farber’s first book was Why Great Teachers Quit and How We Might Stop the Exodus; her second book is Change the World with Service Learning: How to Organize, Lead and Assess Service Learning Projects. Her testimony in front of the Vermont legislature helped to pass a bill regulating lead in consumer products.

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