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Is Mercury From Coal Plants Killing Sea Birds?

BY ON April 2, 2015
The ivory gull is a beautiful bird that is known for its striking pure white adult plumage. The species breeds high in the Arctic Circle and lives in the northern climes of Canada, Russia, and Greenland. It occasionally wanders down to the northeastern coast of...

Supreme Court Hears EPA Mercury Rule

BY ON March 25, 2015
This was written by Felice Stadler: For those of us who have advocated for clean air and a clean environment for many years, we often find milestones measure success over decades. When it comes to curbing mercury pollution, which I devoted 8 years advocating for...

A Big Win For Mercury And Air Toxics Standards

BY ON April 15, 2014
Today the DC circuit court denied and dismissed legal challenges to the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards. All of you were key in fighting for these vital protections a few short years ago. They cut mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants; that pollution enters our...

Climate Change Worsens Mercury Pollution

BY ON January 10, 2014
A summary of recent research shows climate change will increase our exposure to mercury, a toxic heavy metal that threatens fetal growth and development and targets the brains of children. Pregnant women hear a lot about mercury from their obstetricians, who emphasize the need to...


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