Vote With Your Throat

BY ON November 3, 2016
How do you define American values? This ghastly election season has shaken our faith that we all share a set of core beliefs, regardless of where we live, what we look like, how we worship (or don’t), or who we love. Our democracy has weathered...

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Let’s Make a Date

BY ON November 2, 2016
Don’t leave it to chance. Don’t try to squeeze it in. Don’t assume you’ll get to it.  A real plan. Make it a celebration, make it an appointment, but make it serious. Around the world, people are fighting—and dying—for a right we take for granted....

TOPICS: Politics

One Mom’s Story From the Frontlines of the Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance

BY ON October 31, 2016
  Tensions at Standing Rock Camp escalated last week. With intensifying clashes between law enforcement and the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters, members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and allies continue to stand strong. The pipeline’s route threatens ancestral lands and risks environmental damage if it leaks under the Missouri River. And...

TOPICS: Activism, Motherhood, Social Justice