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Ronnie Citron-FinkRonnie Citron-Fink is a writer, editor and educator. She is the editorial director of Moms Clean Air Force. She has written and edited thousands of articles about green living and the environment for websites, books and magazines. Ronnie is the creator of Econesting. Her posts can also be found on Huffington Post, Care2, Planet Green, Inhabitat, Yahoo!Green, Treehugger and other sites. Ronnie was named one of the Top Ten Living Green Experts by Yahoo. She has been a contributor to Family Fun and is included in their books. Ronnie was a teacher for many years and is the mother of two children. .

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Toxic Chemicals?

BY ON February 5, 2016
Our friends at Union of Concerned Scientists created this simple quiz to help us keep our kids safe from harmful and dangerous chemicals, and remind us to think about our product choices because: “There are more than 80,000 chemicals currently in production in the United States…Only...

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