Why Air Pollution is Worse for Black Children

BY ON September 22, 2011

African American little girl

We want to share an excellent article from the National Black Child Development Institute by our own Moms Clean Air Force blogger, Gina Carroll. Here’s how it begins:

If you knew that someone’s actions threaten the lives of your children every single day, would you be upset? If you knew that someone was sacrificing the well-being of your children for their own profit, would you put your butt-kicking boots on? If your child was chronically ill because of someone’s purposeful disregard, would you be ready to act? If so, the Mom Clean Air Force wants you to know that African-American children have a:

• 260% higher emergency room visit rate.

• 250% higher hospitalization rate.

• 500% higher death rate from asthma, as compared with White children.

CLICK HERE TO READ MORE and please send this around to any and all who might be interested!

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