Twitter Party Invitation With Joe Romm, Author Of Language Intelligence

BY ON August 15, 2012

Cover of the book Language Intelligence by Joe RommMoms Clean Air Force is excited to be hosting a Twitter Party featuring Joe Romm (Climate Progress) discussing his new book, Language Intelligence.



What: Moms Clean Air Force (@MomsCAF) and Joe Romm (@climateprogress), to discuss his new book, Language Intelligence.

We will be giving away copies of Language Intelligence!

When: Friday, August 17th, 2012

Time:11:30 AM – 12 Noon PM ET (30 minutes)

Where: On Twitter using the hashtag: #RommMCAF


“Not only can Moms and Dads use Language Intelligence to improve their communication skills, they can even learn to win arguments with their children! It would serve all high school and college students well to read about the secrets of the greatest communicators in history.”
~ Dominique Browning, MCAF Senior Director

Joe sent this message to MCAF explaining why he wrote the book:

“As a Dad, I think my book “Language Intelligence” would help all parents communicate better, not those just who are concerned about pollution.

I have spent years pulling together the secrets of the greatest communicators in history to show how anyone can apply these tools to their writing, speaking, blogging even tweeting. I apply these secrets every day with my own daughter, Antonia. For instance, one of the key rules for talking about clean air and public health is that you can’t debunk a myth by repeating it because negatives don’t linger in the memory. If you say “global warming isn’t a hoax,” weeks later many people will just remember “global warming” and “hoax.” For the same reason, we should all minimize the use of negative suggestions in everyday life. I strive every day to avoid saying to Antonia things like “Don’t whine” but instead say “Use your normal voice.”

I dedicated the book to Antonia because every day she provides me unlimited inspiration. As I wrote, it is Antonias around the world whom we must all bear in mind when we try to communicate how urgent action on climate and pollution is. And Antonia is a key reason I’m such a big supporter of the work Moms Clean Air Force is doing.~ Joe Romm

Joseph Romm is one of the country’s most influential communicators on climate science, solutions, and politics. He is a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress Action Fund, where he runs Climate Progress, which New York Times columnist Tom Friedman called, ”the indispensable blog.” Joe is also one of Rolling Stone magazine’s top “100 Agents of Change,” and now he’s focused his talents on helping us all to increase our Language Intelligence and better understand the art of persuasion.


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