Trump, Climate Change and the World

BY ON April 19, 2017

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As you probably know, President Trump has unveiled executive orders to derail environmental goals put into play by the Obama administration.

Trump and his administration are also talking about expanding fossil fuel extraction on public lands. Furthermore, they are getting ready to hand over America’s leadership role in the fight against climate change — most likely to China.


China, whose urban inhabitants frequently don masks to breathe, is looking down the road. One example is the plan to replace almost 70,000 taxis in Beijing, run on fossil fuels, with electric models.


Maybe Trump could hold a meeting with members of the Indian government to get a peek at their National Electricity Plan? India is working to “harness the potential” of renewable energy sources. They are number four in the world for installed capacity of wind turbine power plants.” They have declared an aim of being at a 60 percent level of renewable energy by 2027.

European Union

Except for Greece and Poland, the European Union has just announced that no more coal plants will be built after 2020. A press release from Eurelectric, whose tag line is “Electricity for Europe,” stated a commitment to achieving “carbon-neutral” electricity. It outlines the point of view that the Paris Agreement decarbonization objectives are “essential to guarantee long-term sustainability of the global economy.”

Germany has chosen 2015 as their target date to get the majority of their energy from renewable sources. They also see this accomplishment as a path to being competitive on an international business level.

Yet, Trump is building an agenda directed by the interests of his fossil fuel connected cabinet, and climate deniers like Senator James Inhofe.

If we continue on that path we will be joining nations who lack the financial resources to do anything but burn coal and fossil fuels.

America has a choice

With a lack of climate initiative from the Trump administration, other nations are pushing the envelope to create a robust green energy job sector. And in his typical provocative manner, Trump is taking a walk back to protect the economics of polluters, as he aims to “stop all payments of American tax dollars to the United Nations global warming programs.” 

Perhaps no one has told him that Mar-a-Lago – where Trump has spent many of his weekends as president – is among the most vulnerable properties in the county. ProPublica assesses, “Most of the resort could be underwater by 2100, and the lowest areas already flood during certain tides.”



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