Interview: Dr. Susan Nagel, PhD

BY ON April 4, 2014
This is an interview with Dr. Susan Nagel, PhD, Associate Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Women’s Health at the University of Missouri School of Medicine: MCAF: Can you tell us what an endocrine disrupting chemical is? Dr. Susan Nagel: An endocrine disrupting chemical as defined by the...

TOPICS: Toxics

Chemical-Free Carpets, Rugs and Pads

BY ON March 19, 2014
I still remember moving into my first college apartment. It was clean and brand-spanking new — with cushy, beige wall-to-wall carpeting that covered every square inch of the floors, including the bathroom. When I first walked in, I remember being hit over the head by...

TOPICS: Asthma, Toxics