The 9 Most Toxic Items on Drugstore Shelves

BY ON April 18, 2016
This post originally appeared on Drugstores initially were places where we went to get medicine. While we may still get our prescriptions filled there, today’s drugstores also sell food, cosmetics, toys, office supplies, and home goods—and a surprising number of these items are the opposite...

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Jeff Bridges says, “Open Your Eyes” to Plastic Pollution (video and interview)

BY ON March 30, 2016
The Plastic Pollution Coalition (PPC) tapped into actor/activist/musician/artist/dad, Jeff Bridge’s passionate plea to ditch plastic in this video and interview reposted from PPC: Worldwide reliance on disposable plastic packaging and utensils is poisoning our bodies, killing wildlife, and overwhelming our planet. Single-use plastic deepens our dependence on...

TOPICS: Toxics