Toxic School

BY ON February 26, 2013

School health cartoon of sick looking girl in doctor's office with caption "It's your school."

We do not do enough to protect our children: unhealthy schools impose a grave injustice. States compel children to attend school; in fact, 98% of all school-age children attend schools—irrespective of conditions. Yet the environmental conditions of decayed facilities or facilities close to hazards can damage children’s health and ability to learn. At the same time, it is well documented that healthy school facilities can help children learn, grow, and stay healthy.” ~ Coalition for Healthier Schools

A new report from the Coalition for Healthier Schools offers a national overview, as well as state-by-state pages that describe data and policies on environmental conditions at school and risks to children’s health using basic federal data on public schools and several other datasets. It’s a great resource for parents who want to find out what’s happening with school health in their state. Learn more about how your child can breathe easier at school.


TOPICS: Clean Air Rules and Regulations, Indoor Air Pollution, Schools