It’s Time to Talk About Toxic Chemicals

BY ON January 23, 2019

woman looking at the unnatural nature of toxic chemicals

Here’s what we know: Exposure to toxic chemicals harms the health of our children and contributes to disease. Parents are dedicated conscientious product consumers – reading labels, checking ingredient guides. But to protect yourself and your family, it’s important to remember this: The chemical companies spend tens of millions of dollars lobbying members of Congress to get the least amount of health protections their money can buy.

Scientists tell us that everything from chemical flame retardants in our furniture to neurotoxins like lead, have been found in the blood and breast milk of mothers. To the chemical companies we are guinea pigs, lab mice, crash test dummies – whatever name you want to call it – we are profoundly unprotected from toxic chemicals in our environment. Our babies are born “pre-polluted.”

Virginia Rauh, a Columbia University professor who conducts research on chemicals and the brain says, “We are all Flint.”

Not acceptable?

The Trump administration’s EPA thinks its standard policy to embrace the open wallets of the chemical companies. In fact, this “pay to play” principle seems directly inline with Trump’s nomination of coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler to head EPA.

The passage of the Frank R Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act in June 2016, updated the US’s chemical regulatory policy, TSCA. Passing the first major environmental legislation in decades was a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, since Trump took office, his EPA under Scott Pruitt and Andrew Wheeler has reversed, or indefinitely postponed chemical bans, rubber-stamped new chemicals, purged science advisory panels, and continues to undermine TSCA.

The balance of the EPA is so heavily skewed towards industry, and away from protecting children’s health that our landmark chemical policy is at risk and moving backwards.

Here are 5 ways Trump’s EPA is endangering children: 

  1. Delaying or weakening proposed bans of 3 toxic chemicals
  2. Issuing illegal rules for TSCA
  3. Reversing course on new chemicals 
  4. Ignoring key exposures when evaluating risks of existing chemicals
  5. Stacking the agency with industry cronies 

Parents should be able to trust that their government is protecting them from chemical risks in our homes and communities. Without protection, our children and grandchildren will pay the price of this travesty. That’s why Moms Clean Air Force spent last week vehemently opposing Trump’s nomination of Andrew Wheeler. His proven track record shows he’s not the leader American families need to rein in the chemical companies and uphold TSCA.


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