This Republican Mom Is Furious About the Attack on the Environment

BY ON July 29, 2011

For the last few months, I’ve been urging anyone who will listen to join the Moms Clean Air Force in our fight to protect our children from toxic pollution that is dangerous to their lives. We want tougher standards for dangerous pollutants like mercury, but now even the current standards are under attack. From the July 27 NY Times article “House Republicans Seek Big Cuts in Environmental Rules“:

Republicans frame their proposals — which are being debated and voted on this week on the House floor — as the best way to counter overreaching regulatory agencies.

The unusual breadth of the attack, explained Representative Mike Simpson, a Republican from Idaho, is a measure of his party’s intense frustration over cumbersome environmental rules.

“Many of us think that the overregulation from E.P.A. is at the heart of our stalled economy,” Mr. Simpson said, referring to the Environmental Protection Agency. “I hear it from Democratic members as well.”

But Democrats argue that the policy prescriptions are proof that Republicans are determined to undo clean air and water protections established 40 years ago.

As a member of the Republican party, this makes me furious. This should make all parents furious, no matter what your party affiliation, because these standards are in place to protect our children’s health. There has never been a more important time for the parents of our generation to stand up for their children’s safety, health and future. It’s time to tell our representatives to protect our children.

Young boy running along beachI want my politicians to see who they’re hurting when they vote to allow more and more pollution to enter the air my child breathes, the water he drinks, and the ground where his food grows.

I encourage you to write to your representatives and send pictures of your children, pictures your children draw, or if your children are old enough have them write. Please join the Moms Clean Air Force in our fight to protect our children’s health and future.

Please join the Moms Clean Air Force to help us fight for clean air for our kids. We need your voice! If you haven’t already, please email the EPA to show your support of the new Mercury and Air Toxics rule. Thank you!

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