The Asthma Epidemic Among Latino Kids and What Moms Can Do About It

BY ON August 3, 2011


Date: Aug 12,  2011
Time: 2:30 PM EST
Location: BlogTalk Radio
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With moderator, Ana Roca-Castro, founder of LATISM; Chris Espinosa, national director of advocacy at the Hispanic Federation; Dr. Evelyn Montalvo, pediatric pulmonologist; and Steph’s mom, Lydia Rojas.

Asthma is an issue of social justice. With 66 percent of Latinos in the United States living in areas that do not meet federal air quality standards, Latino children are 60 percent more at risk for asthma than white children. When these children grow into adults, they are three times as likely as whites to die from asthma. Particulate pollution emitted by power plants over poorer neighborhoods  – over school buildings and playgrounds were children spend their days – triggers and aggravates asthma, which translates into missed days of work and school, visits to the emergency room, and greater exposure to dangerous and expensive health issues. This blog radio discussion will look at the connection between coal pollution and asthma, the connection between asthma and race, differences in health care given to suffering children, and what parents can do. Register here.

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TOPICS: Asthma, Latino Community, Pollution, Social Justice