Thank You Senator Casey For Keeping PA Kids Healthy

BY ON November 24, 2014

Thank you Senator Casey poster

The largest source of carbon pollution is power plants. Right now, there are no national limits on carbon pollution from power plants. That’s plain wrong. Fortunately, the EPA has proposed new rules that would place limits on carbon pollution from power plants.

These life-saving limits are desperately needed in Pennsylvania;

1 of the top 25 polluting coal-fired power plants in the nation is located in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania produces as much carbon emissions as the entire country of Chile

In the next century it is predicted that temperatures in Harrisburg will rise 4 degrees with seasonal increases in precipitation between 10-50%

PA pays 9.4 billion dollars in pollution related health care costs per year

15% of PA children have asthma

The health co-benefits of carbon standards for existing power plants are great;

3300 cumulative lives saved from 2020-2030

710 cumulative hospitalization prevented from 2020-2030

190 cumulative heart attacks prevented from 2020-2030

We want to thank Senator Casey for supporting EPA’s Clean Power Plan, helping keep Pennsylvania kids healthy.

 “We must be serious about the threat of climate change for the sake of public health, national security and children’s health.” ~Senator Casey.




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