Supermoons And Night Sky Pollution

BY ON June 22, 2013

Photo of a night sky with a giant supermoon overlooking a field

The Supermoon shines tonight and tomorrow! It’s the biggest full moon of the year. To enjoy and appreciate starry night skies filled with our solar system’s big bright moon, two things must happen:

  1. The weather must cooperate.
  2. The air quality must be clear.

bridge against a starry night skyWith light and air pollution plaguing many urban areas, night sky visibility decreases. City residents can’t just gaze up from their streets and roof decks to view a starry night sky, or this evening’s Supermoon.

French photographer, Thierry Cohen worried that city dwellers couldn’t see past light and air pollution.

The hazy view has spawned a breed of urbanite, sheltered by his and her manmade environs, that forgets and no longer understands nature.

Cohen wanted to bring a sense of nature back to polluted city environments. He shot and altered these photographs to eliminate pollution, resulting in clear, starry city night skies. He says:

To show him stars is to help him dream again.

We want every child to experience dreamy night skies and Supermoons, which is why Moms Clean Air Force is uniting with aligned partners and tens of thousands of concerned citizens to fight for our children’s right to clean air.


Main photo: Shutterstock
San Francisco bridge photo: Thierry Cohen

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