Super Mom Of The Month: Paige Viers

BY ON August 1, 2012

Photo of the super mom of the month Page Viers

Paige Viers

Columbus, Ohio

Always full of amazing information about diet, health, fitness, and education, Paige has been totally committed to getting the word out about Moms Clean Air Force here in Ohio. This busy mother of two feels passionately about the idea that we all need to work together and let our leaders know that they need to listen to the concerns of this growing group of parents.

Truly a SUPER mom in every sense of the word.

Why did you get involved?

I became involved through Jenny Linn. Our sons were in the same preschool class, so you could say ours began as a ‘playground conversation.’ I had no idea how polluted Ohio’s air has become! 

Why do you care about clean air?

For me, it is important to give my kids the tools to understand how to take responsibility for their health, of which clean air is a fundamental component. It is one of the few things in life I believe we are actually entitled to.

What drew you to MCAF?

Jenny and MCAF are doing a great job of providing moms with the platform, and organizing our voices so we really make a difference.

What have you done as an MCAF volunteer?

I’ve volunteered writing letters, planting a tree, a meeting with Senator Brown’s office, a dinner with Dominique and a morning event at the Statehouse. Working on the Mercury and Air Toxins standards, I helped bring several meetings together, met with MCAF Senior Director Dominique Browning (twice!) and also Senator Brown’s aide, Ben Famous. I also wrote letters to Brown, Portman and Stivers, made phone calls and attended workshops. I will continue to help as I am able; we are really making strides this election year!