Moms Will Not Be Fooled: Stop First Energy Hikes Now

BY ON August 20, 2013

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This was written by Tracy Sabetta: You have probably seen the ads. FirstEnergy Solutions has launched a major marketing campaign encouraging Ohioans to switch electric companies and let them provide your power. They just haven’t mentioned that they oppose cost-saving measures like the state’s energy efficiency standards that keep dollars in the pockets of consumers. But it gets worse. Instead of investing in a better future for northeast Ohio, First Energy has been found guilty of charging its own subsidiary, First Energy Solutions, 15 times the market rate for renewable energy tax credits and then passing those costs onto us to the tune of $43 million.

Clean energy and energy efficiency programs are good for Ohio. Whether it is from healthier air and decreased pollution to lower electricity prices for homeowners and small business, everyone in this state benefits as a result of clean and efficient energy. Energy efficiency programs mean home energy audits, appliance rebate programs and other incentives that help save money. To date, Ohio utilities’ energy efficiency programs have generated almost $1 billion in net savings for Ohio ratepayers. That equates to $3 in cost savings for every $1 invested in the program.

Even more importantly, air quality and lung health can be directly linked to Ohio’s clean energy law. By reducing consumption and generating power through cleaner sources, our state’s energy standards are highly effective ways to protect our air, water, and health. FirstEnergy is trying to kill Ohio’s energy efficiency laws and scam the system that was created to expand renewable energy development. Quite simply, they want electricity prices to go up – so you pay more.

As a member of Moms Clean Air Force in Ohio, I am urging you to join with me in taking a pledge not to switch to FirstEnergy Solutions until they change their ways. You can take the pledge online at It is time to send a clear message to FirstEnergy that we know what they’re up to, and we will not be fooled. It takes a lot more than that to fool a mom.


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