State of the Air: New York

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Trisha manages the field staff and volunteers across the country to develop and deploy strategic plans to increase grassroots advocacy on key environmental issues at the local, state and federal level. Trisha works with elected officials to advocate for strong policies at every level of government to protect our children’s health from toxic chemicals, air pollution and the impacts from climate change. Trisha lives in New Jersey with her three young sons.  

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Here’s what we’re working on in New York:

New York borders the world’s largest group of freshwater lakes on earth, the Great Lakes. Source of drinking water to more than 40 million people, the Great Lakes are threatened by pollution and declining water levels, which is already resulting in increased algal bloom production. Scientists predict that climate change will cause water levels in the Great Lakes to drop significantly in coming decades, threatening this source of not only vital drinking water, but also transportation, tourism, commercial fishing operations, manufacturing operations, and sportsmen industries. This is another way that New Yorkers understand the personal, immediate impacts of climate change on our homes and communities.

Moms Clean Air Force New York joined the Just Green Partnership, working for environmental health and justice for New York’s citizens. The JustGreen Partnership supports a Children’s Environmental Health Agenda to turn the tide and protect the health of New York’s most vulnerable residents.

Climate Change: We are fighting global warming by supporting policies, namely America’s Clean Power Plan, that will reduce carbon emissions and decrease dangerous co-pollutants.

Natural Gas Pollution: We are demanding strong protections from methane, volatile organic compounds, and other harmful air pollutants associated with fracking and natural gas development. We support Governor Cuomo’s decision to ban hydraulic fracturing in New York

Clean Energy: We are ensuring that our energy future is renewable, clean, and healthy — for the sake of our children’s health. We support the Governor’s new plan to promote clean energy initiatives in the Southern Tier.

Chemical Policy Reform: We are fighting to keep toxic chemicals out of the products we use every day, through joining local efforts to protect families from toxic chemicals and advocating for strong implementation of the Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act (2016).
Mercury: We are supporting strong limits on harmful mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants.

New York’s electricity generation by source, 2017:

  • Natural Gas (37%)

  • Nuclear (32%)

  • Hydro (24%)

  • Wind (4%)

  • Other (4%)

According to the American Lung Association’s 2018 State of the Air report, Albany-Schenectady, New York is tied for 1st ranked for cleanest metropolitan area for short-term particle pollution

Over 9% of New York children have asthma

Staten Island was ranked the dirtiest in the state for ozone pollution

From 2013 to 2014, the number of New Yorkers living in counties with failing air quality doubled, reaching 8.8 million people

According to the ALA, the Bronx and Manhattan both receive a score of F for ozone air pollution

New York has joined other New England states in calling for the tighter regulation of air pollution that drifts in from Ohio and other midwestern states where emissions are not as strictly regulated

By the metric of most people living on land less than 10 feet above the high tide line, New York City is the most threatened city in the long run by climate causing sea level rise.

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Upcoming Events

Past Events

July 2018

Members of Moms Clean Air Force New York attended the fifth annual Play-In for Climate Action on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

January 2018

Moms Clean Air Force members testified at a hearing focused on America’s Clean Power Plan in New York City.

July 2017

Moms Clean Air Force New York members attended the 2017 Play-In for Climate Action in Washington, DC, where they met with Senator Schumer’s and Senator Gillibrand’s staff.

May 2016

Wendy Cole, Director of Maple Street School, conducted a Read-In of Every Breath We Take at Maple Street School, 21 Lincoln Rd, Brooklyn, NY.

Moms Clean Air Force New York attended Dear Tomorrow and 100% Campaign’s ‘Toast To The Mamas’ Event in Brooklyn, NY. The event kicked-off a Mother’s and Father’s Day campaign launched by DearTomorrow in partnership with the Solutions Project, Climate Parents and Moms Clean Air Force.

April 2016

Moms Clean Air Force New York participated in two special screenings of Love Thy Nature at Cinema Village. After the screening, attendees enjoyed a Q&A with the film director Sylvie Rokab and a special presentation of “Every Breath We Take”.

October 20, 2015: Participated in a round table discussion with We Act’s Executive Director Peggy Sheppard and Assistant City Commissioner Tom Mette in NYC on outdoor air pollution.

May 2015: Mama Summit 2015 | Moms Clean Air Force New York members gathered at the state capitol in Albany to call on elected officials to take action on climate change. The New York Mama Summit was co-sponsored with Clean and Healthy New York and focused on toxic chemicals in children’s products. More than 50 participants gathered in Albany for a press conference on the steps of the Million Dollar Staircase and meetings with more than 30 lawmakers to talk about children’s health.

September 2014: Moms Clean Air Force New York lead the parent contingent at the People’s Climate March. Together, we united to march with other concerned citizens, organizations, celebrities, families, and politicians to demand strong action on climate change.

2014: Moms Clean Air Force New York was proud to lend their support to over 400 families, activists, concerned citizens, and partner organizations who oppose the construction of the Port Ambrose LNG facility that is proposed to be built off of the coast of New York City and New Jersey at a public hearing.

Moms Clean Air Force New York presented on indoor asthma triggers at the New York City We Act Healthy Homes Summit.  At the summit, attendees learned simple solutions that they could take to limit their child’s asthma triggers, such as removing stuffed animals from the home and vacuuming often.

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Governor Cuomo on fracking in December 2014“If you don’t believe your children should live there, I agree … no child should live there,”

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