Something’s Unnatural In The Air

BY ON May 17, 2012

Mercury Polluter's Air cartoon

Don’t you hate advertisements? Even going to the beach for a quiet day with your daughter doesn’t bring relief from people trying to sell you stuff. The worst is when large companies try to tell you they are doing the right thing, when they are not. Politicians often do the same thing. They tell you something over and over again until they think you believe it.

This is what’s happening right now with the Mercury and Air Toxic Standards. Sen. Inhofe wants to put the stops on the EPA’s new mercury standards despite the fact that pediatricians and scientists tell us over and over that mercury is a dangerous neurotoxin that harms the developing hearts, lungs and brains of fetuses, infants and toddlers. Do we want such a life-saving piece of legislation blocked?

Mercury does not belong in our air. It doesn’t belong on our beaches. And it doesn’t belong in our kid’s bodies.

When it comes to clean air, we all know what’s going on, and it’s time to do something about it. Tell your children the truth when given the opportunity, help them understand. It’s their future.


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