September Field Highlights

BY ON October 10, 2012

With the elections just around the corner, we hit the ground hard with our Candidate Climate Ask–asking our presidential candidates to address climate change. We unveiled our billboard in Denver for the presidential debate and Pamela Campos gave a great speech about why our presidential candidates should address climate change. Our Ohio team also dropped the petitions of almost 39,000 of our members asking the same thing to Romney and Obama’s campaign offices. Anneka from our DC office joined several other groups in dropping off over 160,000 signatures asking debate moderator Jim Lehrer to ask a climate question in the presidential debates. Meanwhile, Marnie Urso and Jenny Linn have been visiting our presidential candidates as they come through Ohio.

Clean air billboard, mother holding child speaking into a microphone, activists dropping off petitions

Our Denver billboard, Pamela speaking at the Denver event, and Anneka dropping off your petitions







Michigan– Starla McDermott and Vee Heymach

Starla ran our booth at the 9th Annual Mayors’ Grand River Clean Up. She was joined by dozens of families for fun activities for kids and an opportunity for the parents to share why they love Prop 3. Starla also met up with the author of “The Silent Epidemic” who spoke with our members about the latest Physicians for Social Responsibility research on asthma. Meanwhile Vee has been traveling all over southeast Michigan reading the Lorax with kids in local libraries and a brewery.

Children being read to at a library. Two women and a child hold up a sign saying they love Prop 3

Lorax reading Troy Library, 9th Annual Mayors’ Grand River Clean Up

New Hampshire– Yvonne Nanasi

First, a warm welcome to Cora, Brenda and Danielle, our three new New Hampshire super moms! Also a thank you to Senator Shaheen who sent us a blog post about the Shaheen-Portman energy efficiency bill that’s up on our website now.

Moonbounce and tent set up at a children's event in New Hampshire

Children’s mural from children’s activity at Nini-Palooza








Ohio– Marnie Urso and Jenny Linn

Marnie lead of band of MCAF volunteers to President Obama’s visit to Kent State. They wore their MCAF shirts and talked to the media about the need to address climate change during campaign. Also, super dad Daniel Lenhart had his letter to the editor supporting EPA’s vehicle efficiency standard published in the Plain Dealer. A welcome to our new partners: Clean Fuels Ohio and Consider Biking.

Children wearing red Moms Clean Air Force t-shirts at President Obama's visit to Kent State in Ohio

Marnie and her kids at President Obama’s visit to Kent State








Pennsylvania– Gretchen Alfonso

Gretchen ran the children’s’ section of Greenfest Philly. We had musicians, storytimes and five different craft stations and partnered with groups from Holistic Moms Network to the Philadelphia Juggling Club. Afterwards we kicked off our newest partnership with the Young Involved Philadelphia Kick-Off at their conference Sept 27th.

Children fishing for paper fish at a green festival in Philadelphia

Crafts and games at Greenfest Philly








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