MCAF Visits Senators: Protect Our Children From Toxic Chemicals

BY ON December 13, 2013

Molly Rauch visits the office of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Sometimes we have to ratchet up our naptime activism. After hundreds of you signed letters to Senators on the Environment and Public Works Committee about strengthening a toxic chemicals bill, Anneka and I printed up your letters and went to the Hill to deliver them.

Anneka Wisker and Molly Rauch visit the office of Senator Thomas Carper

At issue is the Chemical Safety Improvement Act, a bill that could protect generations of Americans from toxic chemical exposures – but only if it is strengthened. Senators are right now in discussions about how to improve the bill, so we wanted to bring the Moms Clean Air Force perspective directly to their offices, in hard copy form.

Molly Rauch delivers petitions to senate office

We visited five Senate offices and spoke with staffers at each one, explaining what moms want to see in an improved bill:

  • It should protect vulnerable populations–including pregnant women, infants and children.
  • It should establish solid deadlines for determining the safety of all chemicals in use today.
  • It should cut red tape so EPA can do its job, and we can start getting hormone disruptors, neurotoxins, and carcinogens out of our bodies, fast.

On the same day, Moms Clean Air Force members and concerned citizens around the country were calling their Senators to deliver the same message. It felt great to be adding to those voices with our petition delivery. Every voice counts – especially when we work together.

Anneka Wisker and Molly Rauch leave the senate offices after delivering their message.

Thank you to our members – for your signatures, for your phone calls, and for your motherlove.


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