Senator Alexander: Protect Tennessee From Smog

BY ON June 19, 2015

View of the Smoky Mountains

This was written by Moms Clean Air Force Tennessee Field Organizer, Lindsay Pace. It originally published in the Times Free Press:

As a mom, I am disappointed that Sen. Alexander is co-sponsoring a bill to weaken and delay the passing of stronger smog protections. He has called improvements to our smog standard “burdensome regulations” on economic development, but in fact it is our children who bear the burden of unsafe smog limits.

Pediatricians tell us our children are especially vulnerable to the harms of breathing air pollution. Breathing smog creates a host of lung and cardiac issues. It’s a powerful asthma trigger, it cuts lives short and it’s a lung irritant. Health professionals agree our current smog standard is not adequately protecting us from this dangerous pollutant.

As parents, we have a right to know the truth about whether the air is safe to breathe. We have a right to a smog standard that adequately protects our children’s health. In the past, Sen. Alexander has stood by the children of Tennessee in supporting stronger air protections. He has been influential in changing our “Smoggy Mountains” back to the beautiful Smoky Mountains. Moms, once again, call on Sen. Alexander to protect our children from smog and not unfairly favor industries’ right to pollute at the expense of their health.


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