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BY ON April 4, 2011

I love seafood and I try to eat low on the food chain, since mercury and other toxins will be lowest. Since I’m a biology teacher and my husband’s family has a shellfishing business that provides us with fresh-caught fish and shellfish, I know where our seafood fits on the food chain. However, you don’t need these kinds of connections to know what fish to avoid.

 Abbie Walston and her husband

The environmental defense fund has this handy Seafood Selector guide to help you choose which fish is best for you.  They even have a printable Sushi Pocket Guide for sushi lovers!

While there are some fish that we all should avoid, there are plenty of safe options for pregnant and breastfeeding moms and children. Don’t cut out all the healthy aspects of seafood in an effort to avoid mercury. And why not join the Moms Clean Air Force in supporting the New Mercury and Air Toxics Standards to help preserve the safety of seafood for our children!

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