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BY ON June 5, 2012

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This guest post was written by eco-friendly interior designer, Robin Wilson:

When I was growing up, my asthma and allergic reality was ‘wheezing & sneezing’ inside the home and ‘wheezing & sneezing’ when playing outside. My mother was a hero, as she worked to create an eco-healthy environment in the 1970’s when there was little information available. Due to our progressive physician who was an advocate of changing your environment and not relying on medicine, my mom took to the task by removing the shag carpet, shopping at the local organic food co-ops, removing any down pillows or comforters from my bed, and keeping our pet outside. Plus, she was ever vigilant when I went on a playdate…Mom did not allow me to enter homes with pets or smokers.

Indoor air quality affects families adversely. But, with the right information, there are simple solutions that can improve your living space.

The statistics are startling: Did you know that 1 in 4 urban children has asthma? Many people do not realize that indoor air quality can be six times worse than outdoor air. The reasons include: use of household chemicals, off-gassing from carpets, and formaldehyde-based adhesives in furniture. Since few people open their windows for ventilation, these chemicals build up in the home and create respiratory issues. During the summer, you must be especially vigilant against mold and condensation issues, which can ultimately lead to allergic reactions or “sick home syndrome.” Here are some Summer Home Tips to Prevent Wheezing and Sneezing.

Also, there are many people who are pan-allergic, which means they are allergic to pet dander, foods and environmental triggers. It important to note  that there is a huge amount of information available to consumers about hypoallergenic products, non-toxic cleaning options. Sorting through information can be challenging, but the key thing to remember is that all data should focus on options that are easy to understand, affordable and focused on simple solutions.

My goal when I started my eco-friendly interior design firm was to do project management, design and to create products for healthy living. We  encourage contractors to use clean-construction methods – and when clients began to ask us to design their spaces, we implement low-to-no-VOC paint usage – and recently, we launched a line of hypoallergenic textile products.

My hope is that more families will have fewer ‘wheezing and sneezing’ moments!

Thank you, Robin!

About Robin Wilson:
Robin Wilson
is an eco-friendly interior designer and a lifestyle brand with products sold at Bed Bath &, and is the first woman with a branded line of custom kitchen & bath cabinetry sold by over 500 Holiday Kitchens dealers nationwide. She is an ambassador to the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America and author of Kennedy Green House (Greenleaf, 2010). She regularly appears on the speakers circuit, on television and offers commentary in print on wellness, sustainability and allergy & asthma issues. Our firm is Robin Wilson Home, an eco-friendly interior design company with a focus on residential and commercial clients. The mission of the firm is to educate consumers about affordable options available to improve indoor air quality, and to remain sustainable to the global environment. Facebook Twitter


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