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BY ON January 26, 2012

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Last week, I heard that Raffi, the composer, singer and author is joining forces here at MCAF. It was thrilling news, because many of us at MCAF are mothers who remember Raffi as an incredibly motivating force. His songs got us, and our children out of bed, got us dressed and brushing our teeth, got us to be a good people. Raffi also touched something deep in our hearts–he honored our children. Parenting little children requires this kind of energy because there are so many important needs to fill…

All I Really Need is a Song in my Heart
Food in my belly and love in my Family
All I Really Need is a Song in my Heart
And love in my family

And I need some clean water for drinking
And I need some clean air for breathing
So that I can grow up strong and take my place where I belong ~ Raffi

Raffi was there for us. He made us dance with our babies. Some of us may not have little children around the house anymore, but we can still reconnect to that motivating mom energy.

And Raffi is still there for us! His beautiful blog post titled, Beyond Protest–Mainstreaming The Movement on his Centre for Child Honouring site, reminds us “Mama Earth” is not about politics, but all about our children:

Together, we can mature from protest to rally, and from angry reaction to sustained positive action powered by all we love and hold precious…”Child honouring” is my politics. I am emphatically, passionately, for the right of every child of every culture to breathe. ~ Raffi

So now, instead of simply trying to move ourselves, and our children, perhaps we can join Raffi in moving the world.


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