All I Want For Christmas Is Renewable Energy

BY ON December 17, 2013

santa holding a globe

As 2013 draws to a close, it’s been a wonderful experience to look back and see how the power of activism has made such a difference.

As I read the emails Dominique sends to our members, I am proud to be a part of Moms Clean Air Force. I am also proud because families have rallied for the health of children, marching forward in states and on Capital Hill, to convince our leaders that clean air, safe chemicals and cleaner energy must be a priority.

Onward to 2014… In my letter to Santa, I will ask him to keep offering the Midwest more renewable energy outlets. There are 12 states in the Midwest that were surveyed by the American Council on Renewable Energy (ALCORE) to investigate their renewable energy setups. Looking around the Midwest, you’ll find that although we have more solar potential than the entire country of Germany, that country has got us far outpaced with solar energy. Renewable energy is becoming cost-competitive with fossil fuels. This gives me hope that in the years to come, we will see Minnesota taking the lead in renewables. They currently have a law that requires that no later than 2025 — 25-31.5% of their electricity will come from renewable sources. This would not only put Minnesota in the lead, but also set a fine example for the rest of the country.

Santa (and Congress) needs to know that Ohio must continue it’s renewable energy efforts — more wind turbines and solar panels on homes. In the last two years, Ohioans have already added 30 megawatts of new solar generation!

Lesley Hunter, the lead author in ALCORE’s report, states:

“The past couple of years have seen an impressive increase in renewable energy sector activity throughout the American Midwest.”

Hoping Santa will share my holiday message to the coal companies. Even though we still rely on coal to power the Midwest, Hunter says,

“…the 12 states that comprise the American Midwest are home to nationally recognized bioenergy and wind energy resources…Furthermore, smaller-scale renewable energy sources are also experiencing growth in the region. Midwestern solar power capacity, for example, experienced a 150 percent jump in 2012.”

Change is in the wind…

Santa, as I write my Christmas thank you notes, I hope to be able to send a thank you to certain members of Congress for the gift of renewable energy and a reduction in carbon pollution. The holidays are the perfect time to say goodbye to dirty energy and naughty coal-loving politicians and hello to healthier children!


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