Raffi’s Coming!

BY ON March 12, 2013

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Do you associate songs with emotions, people, and times? Well, Raffi’s playful tunes were the soundtrack of my family’s early life. Long before my children discovered the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix, the “power of song” was sung by Raffi. His music was part my children’s childhood — and part of my young parenting life.

I clearly remember those pre-school days, when life was filled with peanut butter and jelly and playdates. Like so many memories of my music-loving family, Raffi’s songs were woven into the fabric of those years.

On April 28th, Raffi will be performing a concert in New York City, and I’m so excited to attend! I’m also asking myself why Raffi still holds a soft spot in my adult heart. Without a doubt, it is because his songs are simply singable. But it’s also because I’m drawn to the larger significance in Raffi’s lyrics. Like this nudge towards exploring the power of clean, powerful wind energy in, A Big, Beautiful Planet In The Sky:

We can feel the spirit of the blowing wind
A mighty source of power in our lives
Offering another way to fill our needs
Nature’s gift can help us carry on

There’s a big beautiful planet in the sky
It’s my home. It’s where I live
You and many others live here too
The earth is our home. It’s where we live.” ~ Raffi

It’s in this proactive vision that Raffi’s music rings remarkably relevant. His music connects to what we’re all about here at Moms Clean Air Force — creating a livable future for our children. Or, as Raffi puts it, “A world fit for children.”

We hope you’ll join us for a special Raffi concert in New York City, presented in association with Moms Clean Air Force on Sunday, April 28th. To purchase tickets, click HERE.

You could win! Enter the Moms Clean Air Force and Raffi Sweepstakes HERE.

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