Post Roundup: AEP double talk, EPA rule helps economy and jobs

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Just in case you heard how the new proposed air toxics rules would “close ” down several power plants, causing hundreds of workers to lose their jobs, read this opinion piece from the New York Times. Turns out AEP (American Electric Power) haven’t been exactly forthright.  They’ve left out some key details, such as most of the plants were scheduled to close anyway, are completely outdated, and rarely used. Not shocking, since right now they are looking for a senator to co-sponsor a bill that would cause the watering down of new air quality rules, causing thousands of preventable deaths.

The National Journal points out that AEP is contradicting itself a lot lately.  Seems that they are saying one thing to policy makers about the EPA rule (we’ll loose jobs!  the timeline is too tight!) and another to its shareholders (we don’t need these plants, they are high cost and infrequently used!).  Hmmmm.  Sounds very fishy.  I’m hoping lawmakers will look at everything AEP is saying to its varying audiences– to protect only its bottom line, and not America’s health and well being.

And just in case your Aunt Tudie says the new EPA rule will hurt the economy or kill jobs, read this piece.  David Roberts analyzes new data from the Economic Policy institute that says neither is true, and backs it up with (get ready for it) actual facts and data to prove it.  Simply, any politician that says this rule will harm the economy and lessen jobs is just protecting polluting industries at the expense of public health.

Please join us in standing up to polluting industries and their assault on the public health.  They have deep pockets, a PR machine, and politicians they fund.  We need everyone to join in the fight for clean air for our children.  Take action here to show your support for the EPA’s life saving Air Toxics rule.

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