Smudges on the Horizon

BY ON June 22, 2011
This piece was cross-posted at Milspouse Mutterings Last week, while driving down the toll road in Denver, I crested the hill and started down into Parker. I looked up to the horizon, where I should have seen the mountains. Instead of the magnificence of the...

TOPICS: Coal, Politics, Pollution

Do Online Petitions Work? Experts say Yes and I am Counting on it!

BY ON June 20, 2011
This piece was cross-posted at Proactive Black Parenting Do online petitions work?  Do they effectuate change? Yes, they do. Jane Cravens of CoyoteCommunications.com discusses the evolution of online petitions from the early form of email petitions that proved to be unreliable and ineffective to the newest...

TOPICS: Activism, African-American Community, Economics, Politics, Pollution, Social Justice